Sunday, September 19, 2010

Alan Weatherly's Scedule in Korea from Oct 13-18, 2010

Prayer Ministry Conference

"Prayer Revolutioin: Renewal through Prayer"

Speaker : Rev. ALAN Weatherly (ASBURY UMC)
Date : 14th-15th OCT 2010
Place : Sesin church, World Mission Center
Support : JC Mission, Jesus Link Global

10.13 (Wed)
Arrival in Korea (Incheon In’t Airport) at 04:15 by KE034. Going to Lexington Hotel in Yeoido with JLG directors. Lunch with JLG and discuss detailed schedules in Korea.

10.14 (Thu)
Attend the Early Morning Prayer Meeting of Myung-Seong Church with JLG directors. Breakfast near to the church and return to the hotel. Lunch with the press annd have an interview with them. Dinner with JCM and preach the 1st “Prayer Revolution: Renewal through prayer” in Sesin Church at 19:30. (translated by Dr. Younglae Kim)

10.15 (Fri)
Attend the Early Morning Prayer Meeting of Yeoido Full Gospel Church with JLG directors and return to the hotel. Visit “TORCH TRINITY SEMINARY” after lunch.Dinner with JCM and speak for the 2nd “Prayer Revolution: Renewal through prayer” in Sesin Church at 19:30. (translated by Dr. Younglae Kim)

10.16 (Sat)
Breakfast with JCM & JLG directors and have a meeting. City Tour thereafter.

10.17 (Sun)
Breakfast in the hotel and preach in the Sunday Morning Service at Sesin Church at 11:00. (translated by Dr. Younglae Kim)

10.18 (Mon)
Breakfast in the hotel at 07:30 and checkout after breakfast. Heading to the Incheon In’t Airport and depart by KE035 at 10:30.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Alan Weatherly, Pastor of Prayer Ministry in Korea

Alan Weatherly, Pastor of Asbury United Methodist Church, Madison, AL, USA will be in Korea from October 13-18, 2010.  He is the pastor of the seventh largest UMC in the United States known as "Pastor of Prayer Ministry." The following is his message of invitation for "Prayer Ministry Conference in Korea" on October 14-15 at Seshin Methodist Church, Seoul, Korea.

Prayer Revolution in an American Church: Renewal Through Prayer
October 14-15, 2010
Speaker: Rev. Alan Weatherly
Seshin Church, World Mission Center

Dr. Alan Weatherly is the Lead Pastor of Asbury United Methodist Church in Huntsville, Alabama. He came to Asbury in 1997, when the church was 10 years old. Asbury currently has 3,700 members and is heavily involved in world missions.

Alan’s passion is for renewal of the Body of Christ through a growing hunger for the Lord in prayer and worship This renewal will result in God mobilizing a new generation to evangelize the world.

For many years Alan was an atheist. He became a Christian while working as an electrical engineer in Washington D.C. Alan also has a graduate degree in physics. He has a special interest in reaching out to unbelievers in the engineering and scientific communities.

Alan and his wife Carla have two sons, Stephen and Patrick and one daughter-in-law, Rachel.